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The Legacy Printing is the owner of the materials used for our product’s production. Our material is not to sale and shared with other parties. On the right of the website, we can distribute free samples and display the custom-created boxes for the customers. We do so because we want to introduce our expertise and showcase the designs.

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  • All the content that we will allow you to use for free will be the one that is available to the public.
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We will attempt our best to guarantee a decent nature of our administration. We don’t offer any assurance of any sort concerning the utilization of our site. So, before you start using our site, make sure you read our terms and conditions properly.


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Revisions and Errata

The content on the site can have technical or photographic errors. We never say that our designed material is entirely error-free. It may have some mistakes. So our team can make some changes to the site content. It depends on the conditions and reviews of the customers.

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